L.R. on her return to her home region Galicia (Spain), she set up Quinta Sacra,  a travel organization specialysing in  customised tours in  this beautiful and historic region, Ribera Sacra, which is  touched by two routes of  the famous pilgrimage path  to Santiago De Compostela. Luisa has qualified in boatmanship and  has purchased a twelve Seater  boat that  she uses to explore the narrows of the river with her guests. She has contact with many local artesans, wineries, hotels and guest houses and other tourist activities.  Guests enjoy the spectacular waterfall of Marce, the many romanesque churches and monasteries, perhaps climbing the vineclad cliffs along the river Miño or even swimmimg in its warm water. Her passion lies in protecting and preserving this glorious region for future generations. To help achieve  this vision she is planning to embark on a  Masters  programme of research  into sucessful preservation in other parts of the World that might shed light on how the Ribera Sacra might survive. Based in Spain



She just needed a boat to sail, and bodeguita to rest.

Eight years later, Luisa is happy to have made that decision. Now she is a riverside woman and barqueiriña ... Her favorite phrase: "Come to Miño, I wilI take care of everything!

She was chosen by the US TV channel CBS to act as expert guide for filming the programme Spain on the Road Again featuring SR in 200X (for more information click the link